Documentation work on a current project of ours, very exciting! This set of drawings represents a detail from the back support of a biedermaier chair, one illustrated and the other a line art version. Using millimeter paper and measurements is becoming pretty much obsolete in our field, with the ease of photographic reference available. The line art drawing can be used overlaid on the source photograph to map the damaged areas, using different colors for different types of damage (chipped veneer, scratches, previous repairs etc.)

Winter light

Helsinki this January has been chilly, still no snow in sight. The hours when there is light are fleeting, and the quality of daylight in the perpetual overcast weather has a blue hue, winter light. Today when we were walking around the shoreline there was already too little light, but I like the atmosphere in these photos.

The next photo session with Annika will be in Talvipuutarha, as soon as I get back to Helsinki again! In the mean time I will be taking more pictures with Mia’s creative collective, Hairahdus.